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Top Tricks To Avoid In Istanbul

1- Shoeshine Guys

They happen to drop their brushes, as soon as you pick up and give them; the trick starts.

Try to avoid please.

2- Street Boys/Men around Blue Mosque / Old City

These guys are like to chat and offers you to show around.

However, their goals to take you to stores they work for and sell overpriced cheap products.

3- Taxi Drivers

Unfortunately, taxi drivers can be very tricky in Istanbul.

Again, there is no safety issue, but ask reception the approximate prices.

4- Fish Restaurants Under Galata Bridge

They are overpriced and do tricks with menu.

5- Beggars

Beggars are not poor! It is their job.

Avoid those who are pretend to be eating from the garbage bins or begging in front of mosques.