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Top 10 Restaurant Picks in Istanbul

1- Eleos Resturant

Eleos Restaurant boasts a menu heavily influenced by seafood, reflecting the culinary culture of the Aegean region and drawing inspiration from traditional Greek taverns. Crafted with care, the menu features Ege herbs enhanced with special sauces, offering consistently fresh and seasonally presented fish, seafood delicacies, Greek culinary classics, and Armenian mezes — all paying homage to the charm of ancient Greek taverns. 

2- Yeni Lokanta

Welcome to Yeni Lokanta, located in a charming side street near the famous Istiklal Avenue. With a bright Mediterranean decor and the creative touch of a discerning chef, this restaurant offers a delightful experience. Indulge in Turkish flavors rooted in original concepts, where dishes maintain generosity while enhancing freshness and lightness. Whether you opt for à la carte or a set menu (a curated selection), discover how focusing on vegetables, local produce, and Turkish wines elevates the dining experience, making it more intriguing.

3- Asmalı Cavit

Asmali Cavit, a beloved dining spot in Istanbul, captivates patrons with its rich culinary heritage and inviting atmosphere. Situated in the heart of the city, this restaurant exudes warmth and charm. Guests are treated to a delightful array of traditional Turkish dishes, expertly prepared with care and authenticity. With each bite, diners embark on a flavorful journey, savoring the essence of Turkish gastronomy at its finest.

4- Aheste Restaurant

Aheste restaurant, nestled in Istanbul’s vibrant streets, beckons diners to indulge in a culinary odyssey through Turkish flavors. With its warm ambiance and attentive service, this hidden gem offers a haven of gastronomic delight. From succulent kebabs to flavorful mezes, each dish is a testament to tradition and quality. Aheste restaurant promises an unforgettable dining experience where every bite tells a story of Turkish culinary heritage.

5- Midpoint

Midpoint Restaurant, a culinary haven in Istanbul, captivates diners with its eclectic menu and inviting ambiance. Situated in the heart of the city, this restaurant offers a delightful fusion of international flavors and Turkish cuisine. From hearty burgers to fresh seafood, each dish is prepared with meticulous attention to detail. Midpoint Restaurant promises an unforgettable dining experience that satisfies every palate.

6- Galata Port

Galataport, nestled on the shores of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, offers a vibrant blend of dining(Saltbea, Günaydın, Baylan, Kiva, Vandal), shopping, and entertainment experiences. With its stunning waterfront location and diverse array of offerings, Galataport is a premier destination for locals and tourists alike. From chic cafes to upscale boutiques, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Galataport, making it a must-visit destination in Istanbul.

7- Mürver

Mürver, a culinary gem in Istanbul’s bustling cityscape, invites guests on a gastronomic journey through modern Turkish cuisine. With its innovative dishes and stylish ambiance, Mürver offers a contemporary twist on traditional flavors. From savory mezes to succulent grilled meats, each dish is a celebration of local ingredients and culinary craftsmanship. Mürver promises a dining experience that delights the senses and leaves a lasting impression.

8- Karaköy Lokantası

Karaköy Lokantası, nestled in Istanbul’s vibrant Karaköy neighborhood, offers a delightful blend of traditional Turkish dishes and modern culinary innovations. With its inviting ambiance and attentive service, this restaurant provides a warm and welcoming dining experience. From classic mezes to flavorful seafood specialties, each dish at Karaköy Lokantası is crafted with care, promising a memorable culinary journey for every guest.

9- Ali Ocakbaşı

Ali Ocakbaşı, a culinary cornerstone in Istanbul’s dining scene, enchants patrons with its authentic Turkish cuisine and warm hospitality. Nestled in a charming setting, this restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring succulent kebabs, savory mezes, and delectable desserts. With its welcoming ambiance and flavorful dishes, Ali Ocakbaşı promises a memorable dining experience that celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Turkey.

10- Sur Balık Cihangir

Sur Balık Cihangir, nestled in Istanbul’s vibrant Cihangir district, offers a tantalizing seafood dining experience. With its chic ambiance and waterfront location, this restaurant invites guests to savor the freshest catches prepared with culinary finesse. From grilled fish to seafood mezes, each dish at Sur Balık Cihangir is a celebration of coastal flavors, promising an unforgettable culinary journey by the Bosphorus.